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UPDATED March 10: The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Liveable Communities has informed Arlington that its MBTA Communities zoning complies with state law -- and that the town has been approved to participate in the state's pilot fossil-fuel plan.

Town Planning Director Claire Ricker told the Arlington Redevelopment Board at its Feb. 26 meeting that her department had received a letter of compliance for the town's MBTA Communities district, which Town Meeting approved last October. She said she plans to review that letter with the board at a future meeting.

Ricker also reported having received a letter from the state Department of Energy Resources saying that Arlington now is eligible to participate in the state's fossil-fuel pilot program.

YourArlington asked Ricker on March 1 and 6 what steps the town plans to take next in both cases. She has not responded.

In addition, the board has learned that the feasibility analysis for inclusionary zoning is complete and has been submitted to the Executive Office of Housing and Liveable Communities.

On Feb. 26 the board began public hearings about articles for 2024 annual Town Meeting, acting on 25 through 29. The first three involved only administrative changes. Article 28 (removing the Inland Wetland District section from the bylaw) was endorsed by the town's Conservation Commission. Article 29 involves height buffers.

The public hearing is to continue at ARB meetings scheduled this coming Monday, March 4, and possibly again at the March 18 meeting of the ARB, if needed.

For a summary of the Feb. 26 meeting, one may read notes taken by Steve Revilak, a member of the Redevelopment Board >> 

Watch ACMi video of the Feb. 26 meeting:

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This news summary by YourArlington staff was published Saturday, March 2, 2024, based on notes by Steve Revilak, a Redevelopment Board member. It was updated March 10, noting that YourArlington awaits a response from the planning director.