rec banner 350Six playgrounds overseen by town recreation officials are undergoing renovations, a seventh faces more changes and five are expected to reopen this fall.

Funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allowed the town to increase the number of playgrounds it could update this year.

Below is a list of ongoing renovations and their estimated reopening dates, according to the town. Click the links to view additional information on each project.   

Bishop Playground renovations – reopen mid-September;

Stratton Playground renovations – reopen early October;

Peirce Playground renovations – reopen end of October, may finish in 2023;

Spy Pond Playground – reopen end of October;

Parmenter Playground – reopen end of October;

Hurd Field renovations – reopen next season; and

Robbins Farm Park – Currently soliciting requests for proposals for design services, seeking $997,993.

Inspections planned

Playground inspections are planned this fall for these playgrounds -- Buzzell, Hibbert and Summer Street/Hills Hill. As these playgrounds are inspected, equipment may be removed for replacement or repair, and portions of the playgrounds may be temporarily closed until necessary repairs can be made, town officials say. 

Parallel Park is still awaiting equipment to arrive to replace the climbing structure that was removed. It is anticipated that the structure will be replaced this fall. 

The recreation department thanks local residents for their participation in the public-input sessions held for these projects and also for their ongoing patience during renovations.  

Additional projects around town may be viewed at 

 This news announcement was published Friday, Sept. 2, based on information from the Town of Arlington.