Projects include those in Winchester, Methuen; all bidders listed

UPDATED: The Town of Arlington has selected Consigli Construction Co. Inc. as the construction manager for the new Arlington High School, the largest construction project in town history.

Chosen unanimously by the Arlington High School Building Committee, Consigli was selected for its expertise in construction of K-12 educational buildings as well as the team’s innovative phasing approach and proactive plan to provide the town with maximum value for the established budget, a July 11 town news release says.

“Consigli is well versed in the complexities of occupied school and active on-site construction, which is how Arlington’s new high school will have to be built,” Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine said in the release. “Beyond the tactical challenges of construction, we are confident that Consigli will turn Arlington’s vision for a modern, sustainable and long-lasting academic institution into a reality.”

All bidders

Asked by YourArlington about bidders and their offers, Chapdelaine provided this list:

Summary comparison of presented pricing


Consigli: $275,000

Dimeo: $630,722

Gilbane: $350,000

Shawmut: $414,845

Turner: $456,026

Average: $443,319

AHS budget: $500,000

Construction (general conditions)

Consigli: $21,245,191

Dimeo: $23,873,638

Gilbane: $17,640,009

Shawmut: $21,573,632

Turner: $22,734,509

Average: $21,413,396

AHS budget: $22,217,950

Construction management fee

Consigli: $4,705,737

Dimeo: $4,705,737

Gilbane: $4,568,927

Shawmut: $3,999,876

Turner: $5,764,527

Average: $4,748,961

AHS budget: $5,029,885


Consigli: $26,225,928

Dimeo: $29,210,097

Gilbane: $22,558,936

Shawmut: $25,988,353

Turner: $29,045,062

Average: $26,605,675

AHS budget: $27,747,835 

He wrote July 12 that "state law requires that an RFP process be used when selecting a construction management firm, so a subcommittee of the High School Building Committee reviewed proposals, conducted interviews, scored the applicants and then ultimately selected the highest ranked candidate. This is the process that resulted in the selection of Consigli."

He wrote that Consigli "was in the middle of the pack as compared with the other applicants in terms of cost, but still below the budget set aside for these services."

The members of the subcommittee who ranked the proposals were Sandy Pooler, assistant town manager; building committee members Michael Mason, the schools' chief financial officer; Daniel Ruiz, Frank Callahan, John Cole, Kate Loosian and Ryan Katofsky as well as Jim Burrows (Skanska) and Lori Cowles (HMFH).

Here is a spreadsheet showing how the bidders were scored and ranked >>

First building expected to be available in 2022

AHS projectConstruction of the new 410,000-square-foot school is estimated to begin next summer, with the first building available for students in 2022. Construction completion is targeted for 2024, followed by a year of site work.

The new school will be built for 1,755 students in grades nine through 12. Built on the site of the existing high school, the new school will bring educational spaces in line with 21st-century education standards and address enrollment growth. The building is also being designed to achieve the town’s goal of being free of fossil fuels.

“Academic building is more than just outfitting classrooms, we are partnering with communities to create centers of learning that will meet the needs of evolving educational models and the need for flexible and adaptive spaces,” said Todd McCabe, project executive at Consigli Construction. “The new school will encourage collaboration and be built with the highest quality sustainable materials to reduce future energy costs.”

Consigli has a proven track record of success working on similar local school projects managed near occupied school buildings and residential neighborhoods. Consigli’s local portfolio includes work at Winchester High School, Methuen High School, Stoughton High School and Holbrook’s Pre-K-12 School as well as current assignments at Attleboro High School and Framingham’s Fuller Middle School.


The total project cost has been set at $290.8 million, with $86 million coming from the state.

At the project's final forum in May before the June vote, Jeff Thielman, the building committee chairman, said he believed the contingency to be enough to cover unexpected expenses. 

Chaplained said July 12 that the total contingency for the project is $30,318,384. That breaks down this way:

Design, pricing contingency, $13,766,323;

Guaranteed maximum price contingency, $6,706,513;

Construction contingency, $7,075,741; and

Owner's contingency, $2,769,807.

He said in May that five large construction firms were bidding on the job.

Lori Cowles, principal for HMFH, the project architect, said has been an initial traffic study and a proposal for light at Mill Brook and Mill Street.

Skanska is the owner's project manager.

About Consigli

Consigli Construction Co. is a leading construction manager, with offices in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., and New York serving clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. A fourth-generation family-led business, Consigli provides construction management services for corporate, academic, health care, institutional, life sciences and government clients.

Consigli is recognized by Engineering News-Record as one of the 100-largest in the country and has received numerous awards and recognition for its craftsmanship and employment practices. 

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This news announcement with background was published Friday, July 12, 2019, and updated to add all bidders.